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Glory glory, The Guardian has printed my letter

Published: Friday, April 12, 2019

Success, The Guardian has printed my letter after all.

You can read the letter in all its Guardian glory by following the link above, or check it out below:

Lots of wholegrains for a real dog’s dinner

Dogs are not carnivorous and built for protein and fat, although they may have been 15,000 years ago (Make your own dog food? It’s not that barking, G2, 4 April). They are now well attuned to similar food to humans’ food and are omnivores to the extent that they can be vegetarian. They do supremely well on (cooked) wholegrains such as brown rice, maize and oats. Buckwheat is also an excellent food for dogs. Complex carbohydrate does not pass through them completely. In fact they digest more than 90%, which is higher than for some meats. I’ve been seeing spectacular health improvements in pets fed on wholegrains, both home-cooked and commercially, for more than 40 years so I do know a bit about the subject. The realm of pet food is as bedevilled as other areas of society by misinformation, so a bit of care is needed on the subject. 

John Burns
Burns Pet Nutrition, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire

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